Discretionary payments for rent

1. Overview

Discretionary Housing Payments can be awarded if you're struggling to pay rent and there are exceptional circumstances causing you difficulties. You can make a claim for a Discretionary Payment at any time.

Please read our Discretionary Support Policy (PDF 125.69Kb) for more information.

To be eligible for a payment towards your rent:

  • We must be satisfied that you're having financial difficulties. Also you need additional help to pay your rent charge for an address in Stockport.
  • You must be getting Housing Benefit or the Housing Element within your Universal Credit payment.
  • You must have a shortfall between the benefit you receive for your rent and your full rent charge.
  • We must be satisfied that you have taken all reasonable steps to resolve your financial difficulties yourself.

If you're awarded a Discretionary Payment, the amount you get will depend on your circumstances. We look at each case individually. Payments will be made to your rent account or directly to your bank account via BACS depending on your circumstances.

We cannot pay for services included in your rent or to cover an overpayment or sanction.