Decisions about Housing Benefit

When you receive a letter giving you a decision about Housing Benefit you have 3 options:

  1. if you do not understand the decision you can ask for an explanation. This is called a statement of reasons
  2. if you disagree with the decision you can ask us to look at the decision again. This is known as a reconsideration. You can ask for this if you think we've made a mistake or you have some extra information. If we are unable to change the decision, and you still disagree, you can appeal to The Tribunal Service
  3. if you want to appeal to an independent Tribunal straight away you can lodge an appeal. We'll still check that the decision is correct before we pass your case to The Tribunal Service

Whichever option you choose, you must write in within one calendar month of the date on the decision letter, stating which option you wish to follow.