Houses and homes

School trips during coronavirus

We're no longer taking bookings for school trips for the current academic year, 2020 to 2021.

School trip bookings are now being taken for the academic year, 2021 to 2022, beginning in September 2021. This will remain subject to government restrictions in place at the time of the visit. Capacity restrictions will remain limited to one class or bubble of 30 pupils per day.

The school trips available are:

You can call 0161 474 4449 for more information.

1. Overview

This is a half day trip that can be made into a full day. Trips on a Monday are full day only and the maximum number of pupils is 60. For a full or half day trip Tuesday to Friday the maximum number of pupils is 45.

An interactive session which includes 'Meeting the Character'. This session looks at how homes have changed through time with an interactive 'hands on' approach.

The Houses and Homes trip involves pupils travelling over our 'wishing bridge' and meeting a 17th century character who will help you compare and contrast houses now and then. Pupils will also take home some wattle and daub panels that have been constructed during their visit to Staircase House using clay and willow.

Learning outcomes

Pupils will learn:

  • that people lived in different sorts of homes a long time ago
  • appropriate vocabulary to describe features, objects and differences
  • to understand how houses and walls were constructed a long time ago

Make a full day trip

To make a full day trip, choose one session from the list below:

  • Living memory - pupils will interact with household items, including replicas of telephones to see the difference between household items now and those within and beyond 'Living memory'
  • Shadow puppets - pupils will make their own puppets and retell the '3 Little Pigs' story

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