Holding an event, filming or volunteering in a park

2. Task days

Stockport's parks and open spaces benefit from volunteers who help to protect and preserve the important green spaces.

If you're planning on holding volunteer tasks days in our parks or open space you need to let us know. You can do this by completing an application form.

Below is a list of approved activities that have been agreed with our insurers:

  • Use of non-motorised power tools (Shovel, spade, rake, hoe, brush, wheel barrow) for general maintenance tasks.
  • Use of non-motorised power pruning tools ( loppers, secateurs, bow saw, shears)
  • Litter-picking (excluding handling of hypodermic needles)
  • Cleaning of signage and other park furniture
  • Notice board – maintaining displayed information
  • Making bird boxes (but not installing)
  • Toilet cleaning subject to COSHH assessment
  • Painting where agreed and subject to COSHH assessment
  • Graffiti removal subject to COSHH assessment
  • Timber fence and furniture repairs
  • Minor wall repairs (e.g. dry stone wall) max height 4ft.
  • Manual digging / excavation to a max depth of 3ft.
  • Footpath repairs.
  • Planting (where agreed) of bulbs, shrubs, trees, forbs, etc.
  • Pruning below shoulder height.
  • Maintenance of horticultural features (rose beds, shrub beds, planters etc.) such as weeding, mulching, feeding and staking.
  • Clearance of invasive weeds subject to agreement.
  • Stream clearance subject to separate site specific risk assessment.
  • Pond maintenance – subject to specific risk assessment.
  • Working adjacent to any water course / pond within greenspace.
  • Staffing of visitor centres, kiosks – subject to service level agreement and appropriate permissions.
  • Sports coaching subject to appropriate certification and child protection policy.
  • Volunteer guided nature and wildlife walks.

This application is for any conservation or general maintenance activities that are carried out by volunteers.

Apply to hold a task day in a park