Highways investment programme (HIP)

3. Dropped kerbs as part of the HIP

If you do not currently have an adequately constructed dropped kerb in front of your property, we can provide one as part of a footway reconstruction scheme.

Cost of a dropped kerb

For a new dropped kerb:

  • £350 for a standard 5-kerb crossing

For an extension of an existing dropped kerb:

  • £70 for each extended lowered kerb

You can pay for your dropped kerb in instalments, over a 3 or 6 month period.

To be considered, your property must have unobstructed access onto a private frontage with a hard standing area that is of adequate size for a parked vehicle.
The cost of the work includes the provision and laying of 5 new kerbs and the strengthening and resurfacing of the footway between the kerb line and your property boundary. This vehicle dropped crossing offer is only available while our footway improvements are ongoing. Following this, the cost of the work will be significantly more.