Newspaper cuttings

Stockport Local Heritage Library holds copies of a selection of local newspapers on microfilm. We also have a cuttings collection dating from the 1960s to the present day covering many subjects.

The main Stockport paper is now the Stockport Express. First it was the Stockport Advertiser, the Express started much later. In 1981 the two papers merged to become the Stockport Express Advertiser. In 1999 the name reverted to just Stockport Express.

The editions for the current year are held in a hard copy either at the counter or in our store. All previous years we hold are on microfilm.

We also hold the local newspapers listed below along with many others that had quite short publication runs. Please visit the library to see a full list.

  • Stockport Messenger 1978 to 1996
  • Stockport Chronicle 1874 to 1906
  • Stockport Echo 1885 to 1889
  • Stockport Echo and Cheshire Daily Echo 1885 to 1939
  • Stockport Times (East and West) 1984 onwards
  • Cheshire County News and Stockport Chronicle 1866 to 1912
  • Cheshire County News 1866 to 1912
  • Cheshire Daily Echo 1895 to 1937
  • Cheshire Echo 1889 to 1892
  • Cheshire Evening Echo 1894 to 1895
  • Manchester Mercury 1752 to 1830
  • North Cheshire Herald 1960 to 1997
  • North Cheshire Herald to Marple ed. 1934 to 1973
  • North Cheshire Herald to Romiley ed. 1940 to 1974

We also hold a limited microfilm collection of the national papers The Guardian and The Times. However, The Times Digital Archive is also available for free online at any Stockport Library.