Help with benefit appeals

Our help with benefit appeals team can help if you disagree with your benefit decision.

You can visit BetterOff Stockport to find advice, guidance and videos to help you make a benefit appeal.

For most benefits there is a two stage process for challenging the decision.

Appealing your benefit decision

There are different rules for Housing Benefit appeals and Council Tax Support appeals.

After you've received your benefit decision, you have one month to request a mandatory reconsideration. If this is unsuccessful, the next stage is to appeal the decision. You'll have another month from the date on the decision letter to send an appeal form.

For most benefits, you'll need to complete an SSCS1 form. For Tax Credit appeals, you'll need to complete an SSCS5 form. You can appeal some of these benefits online.

Local advice centres

For general help and advice about benefits you can visit any local advice centre in Stockport. They can help with your mandatory reconsideration and appeal form. Some of our local advice centres have a drop in service and some have appointments only. Visit our local advice centre pages to find out more.

Once you've submitted your SSCS1 or SSCS5 appeal form you can request an appointment with one of our Benefit Appeal advisors. They can help if you need further advice with your appeal. In most cases, they'll be able to represent you at the appeal hearing.

Request an appointment with a specialist advisor