Help other people get online

3. Become a Digital Champion

Anyone who has used the internet can become a Digital Champion. As a Digital Champion you'll support family, friends, colleagues or people in the community to learn digital skills.

Skills that you'll need

You only need basic digital skills as there’s training available on supporting learners. You'll need to be enthusiastic about the benefits of being online and sharing this with others.

Other skills that you'll need, include:

  • good communication and active listening
  • patience and building trust with learners
  • motivation to help others learn
  • confidence in sharing your knowledge

If you're a Digital Champion you do not need to commit to set hours. You can choose when you'd like to start and how many hours you'd like to do. You'll provide support in one to one and group sessions, in a relaxed and informal environment.

How to become a Digital Champion

If you'd like to become a Digital Champion, call the DigiKnow Helpline on 07724 217888 or use the form from Starting Point to book onto a session.

We recommend you complete the DigiKnow Friends course before becoming a Digital Champion.