Help other people get online

4. Become a DigiKnow partner

DigiKnow partners are community groups, organisations and businesses who can help our residents get online. They'll usually already support people with things like:

  • caring for others
  • health and disabilities
  • language
  • money
  • social isolation

We have DigiKnow partners that include:

  • banks
  • colleges
  • community groups
  • housing associations
  • job clubs
  • libraries
  • local businesses

How you can help

You can help people in Stockport get online by becoming a DigiKnow partner. Some of the ways you'll help as a partner include:

  • building digital support into your regular services
  • directing people who you think need digital skills to the DigiKnow helpline 07724 217888 or the Stockport Local online directory
  • telling people about the DigiKnow Device Library and our device recycling scheme
  • encouraging your employees or group members to become Digital Champions so they can help residents get online
  • run your own digital skills events or provide volunteers to help other partners
  • let us know often about the ways you're helping residents with digital skills and share case studies about how you've helped

What you'll get

As a DigiKnow partner, you'll get:

  • invites to regular meetings with other partners
  • updates on local and national campaigns or initiatives
  • support from other partners
  • marketing materials and support with promotion
  • recognition that you're helping people in Stockport to get online

Contact us

If you would like to be a Digiknow partner you can: