Health and Wellbeing Board

6. Active Communities Strategy

The Active Communities Strategy (PDF 2.9Mb), endorsed by the Stockport Health and Wellbeing Board, is our approach to supporting Stockport residents become more active and to enjoy the health, social and environmental benefits of being more active.

Being active has huge benefits to a persons physical health and mental wellbeing. We want to make it easier for children and young people, adults of working age, and older people to be more active. We're particularly keen to help those people who are not active at all to get a bit more physically active and get some of the benefits.

This strategy focuses on many ways to support people to be more active:

improving opportunities to walk and cycle
improving some of our facilities
building on some of the amazing assets of local communities. For example; sports clubs

At its heart, this comprehensive strategy will help create the conditions for people in Stockport to move more and build being physically active into their daily lives.