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Health and social care in Stockport

Health - Stockport Together 2

GPs, health workers, social care staff and voluntary partners are now working more closely together, sharing information and taking a more co-ordinated approach to caring for people living in the local community.

This approach forms a part of the council’s effort to improve health and social care services across the borough via Stockport Together.

Stockport Together is a partnership of four key organisations across Stockport - Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust and Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council – who are working closely together to develop a single strategic plan to improve health and social care services across the borough.

For more information on the work happening now, please visit the Stockport Together website.

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Devolution

Where Stockport Together fits with the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Devolution.

Devolution in Greater Manchester will allow Stockport Together to play its part in making a bigger impact, more quickly, on the health, wealth and wellbeing of the 2.8m people who live in our city region. Health and care services will be far freer to respond to what local people want; using their experience and expertise to help change the way we spend the money.

For more information please visit the Greater Manchester Devolution website, where you can view the Devo Diary or read the Devolution FAQs. Alternatively, you can view the Greater Manchester Devolution infographic (PDF 2.32Mb).