Renew a licence

Renewal reference number

Each year you'll receive a licence renewal email containing your unique renewal reference number. You'll need this number to renew your licence. If you do not receive this number, email giving your licence number, name and address.

You must make sure you're familiar with the renewal date. It's your responsibility to submit the vehicle renewal application on time.

You can find the expiry date of the licence on the:

  • plate
  • paper licence

When the licence is due for renewal, we'll aim to email you a reminder.

If the plate expires you cannot renew the licence online and you will not be able to drive the vehicle. You'll need to submit a new vehicle licence application.

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident or written off

Read our vehicle insurance categories guidelines before submitting your renewal application.

To submit the renewal you'll need:

  • your renewal reference number
  • fully comprehensive insurance for Reward or Hire
  • a utility bill or bank statement, issued in the last 3 months, showing your current name and business or home address
  • evidence of individual vehicle approval from the DVLA if the vehicle has been modified. For example; an increase or decrease in seats, wheelchair access

If you do not submit all the required documents, there may be a delay in your renewal application.

Cost of renewal

  • £160 - 1 year. This is non-refundable

As a holder of a licensed hackney carriage vehicle you must make sure that:

  • the vehicle is always capable of passing it's vehicle test. If the vehicle fails it's test you will not get a refund of the licence fee
  • your name, address, mobile number and email address are kept up to date. This is a condition of your licence. If there are any changes to your personal details email so that you can continue to receive important updates. Note: we are not running surgeries, appointments or drop-in sessions at this time

Renew a hackney carriage vehicle licence