Renew your licence

Renewal reference number

Each year you'll receive a licence renewal email containing your unique renewal reference number. You'll need this number to renew your licence. If you do not receive this number, email giving your licence number, name and address.

You must make sure you're familiar with the renewal date and it's your responsibility to submit your driver renewal application on time.

You can find the expiry date of your licence on the:

  • badge
  • paper licence

When your licence is due for renewal, we'll aim to email you a reminder.

If your badge expires you cannot renew your licence online and you will not be able to drive a licensed vehicle. You'll need to submit a new drivers licence application.

For your renewal you must complete and submit:

To submit your renewal you'll need:

From 4 April 2022 you'll also need a 9 digit HMRC tax check code. Please note if you renew your licence before 4 April 2022 but your licence is issued after this date, you'll need to provide us with a tax check code. You'll be able to complete a tax check from 7 March 2022.

Cost of renewal

  • £108 - 1 year
  • £150 - 3 years

As a licensed hackney carriage driver you must make sure that:

  • your Medical Report of Fitness is submitted every 5 years. If you're aged over 65 this should be submitted every year
  • you subscribe to the DBS Update Service. It's a condition of your licence to subscribe to the DBS update service. You'll only need to submit a new certificate if there are any changes reported by the DBS. You must provide us with your updated service details so that we can carry out the necessary checks throughout the duration of your licence and at renewal
  • your name, address, mobile number and email address are kept up to date. This is a condition of your licence. If there are any changes to your personal details email so that you can continue to receive important updates. Note: we are not running surgeries, appointments or drop-in sessions at this time
  • you comply with the taxi driver's dress code

Renew your hackney carriage drivers licence