Hackney carriage

1. Taxi driver knowledge test

Knowledge tests during coronavirus

The taxi licensing team are working remotely and we're not holding surgeries, appointments or drop-in sessions.

Our knowledge tests are currently working from a waiting list. Email taxi.licensing@stockport.gov.uk to be added, and tell us:

  • your name
  • mobile number
  • the name of the knowledge test you'll be taking

To become a licensed hackney carriage or private hire driver in Stockport you must pass our taxi driver knowledge test first. The cost is £70 per test which is payable on booking.

The test

The test is taken under exam conditions in a classroom environment in the civic complex. You'll have 1 and a half hours to complete the test. There's 7 sections which have their own pass mark out of 100%. The sections cover:

  • effective communication
  • monetary charges for fares
  • licensing laws
  • Stockport's licensing conditions, disability awareness
  • local routes and points of interest
  • road signage and safety

You'll need 100% to pass the following sections:

  • the mandatory section
  • the safeguarding section

You'll need 80% to pass the following sections:

  • local points of interest
  • local routes
  • road signs
  • English language
  • arithmetic

No reference material is allowed in the test. This includes calculators, mobile phones, Satnavs and A to Z maps. Anyone found using reference material will fail the exam and will not be able to re-sit for 3 months.

Recommended reading before the test

On the day of your test you must bring with you:

  • EEA/UK photocard driving licence showing your current name and address
  • utility bill or bank statement, issued within the last 3 months, showing your current name and address
  • EEA/UK passport or other proof of right to work in the UK
  • passport photo to be signed and dated on the back by yourself

After the test

Your results will be emailed to you after your test has been checked.

If you fail, you'll need to re-book the test. The test will cost £70. You cannot re-take the test for at least 4 weeks after your failed test.