Stockport User Friendly Fellowship (STUFF) Mental Health/Alcohol Support

About us

  • Location

    Oasis Building at Stepping Hill Hospital and throughout Stockport communities

What we do

We're a local mental health/alcohol charity providing support for people in the Stockport area suffering and recovering from a range of mental health/alcohol problems.

We offer a range of social, therapeutic, leisure, volunteering opportunities and activities. These take place in mental health/alcohol community settings and throughout the wider community recognising individuality. We support people from the age of 18 to our oldest member who's 90 on their recovery journey.

During the coronavirus outbreak

Due to self-isolation, we're experiencing an increased number of referrals from many of our high-risk service users asking for support

Stockport's only mental health day centre has been closed due to the current government restrictions. This means we're currently one of the few points of contact peoplecan go to for daily support.

We've removed ourselves from our base within the mental health unit at Stepping Hill Hospital and have redeployed all of our volunteers into outward facing community support. Our support includes:

  • shopping
  • collecting prescriptions
  • dropping off foodbank vouchers

We'll maintain government guidelines on social distancing.


We are a service user led mental health/alcohol charity. We are all volunteers. All donations enabling us to continue and grow with this support are greatly appreciated. Reg. Charity no. 1177660

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Last updated 5 August 2020

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