Stockport User Friendly Fellowship (STUFF) Mental Health Support

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    Stepping Hill Hospital/Disability Stockport

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We are a peer led support charity and we believe that service users have many years of experience in mental health and in mental health service provision and are experts in their own wellbeing. we believe mental illness does not define us and that people do the best they can in the circumstances they are in with the resources they have and that they are innately motivated towards their own personal growth. Our person centered approach is non-directive, we do not try to fix or advise, we work with people to identify their own person centered solutions to difficulties they may be encountering. We understand that not everyone wants to be advised, fixed or saved but simply wants to be recognized for the unique individuals they are, being seen, heard and companioned exactly as they are.


We are a service user led mental health charity. We are all volunteers. We provide out of hour weekend cover to support others. All donations enabling us to continue and grow with this support are greatly appreciated. Reg. Charity no. 1177660

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Last updated 15 September 2019

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