Ongoing Women's Local Support (OWLS)

About us

  • Location

    Hillgate, Stockport

What we do

OWLS is a peer support group offering help and support to women that have or are going through domestic abuse.

Coffee mornings

Join us at our informal coffee mornings every Wednesday from 10:30am to 12.30pm. We provide:

  • refreshments
  • practical help and support
  • access to council services
  • referrals to outside agencies
  • access to donations, food, clothes, and toiletries
  • use of laptops and free Wi-Fi

We also offer one-to-one peer support sessions in a relaxing room for those who feel they need more support.

Plus, we offer a a buddy system so you do not have to go on your own to things like:

  • Team Around the Child (TAC) or Team Around the Family (TAF) meetings
  • police interviews
  • doctors appointments
  • court hearing

Our Freedom Programme

Our Freedom Programme examines the role played by attitudes and beliefs on the actions of abusive men and the responses of victims and survivors.

The aim is to help victims make sense of, and understand, what has happened to them instead of the whole experience just feeling like a horrible mess.

The programme also explains in detail how children are affected by being exposed to this kind of abuse and very importantly how their lives are improved when the abuse is removed.

If you're an individual, you sign up for this programme by simply getting in touch with us through our website, by email or over the phone.

If you're a professional or someone who works for an agency, you can request a referral form by calling or emailing us.

The programme is delivered in our on-site training room.

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