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    Mellor Parish Centre, Cheadle Life Leisure, Avondale, Life Leisure, Stockport Sports Village in Woodley, Zestus Princess Street, Stockport

What we do

KETTFusion is an award winning fitness class, established throughout the UK, South West France, Italy, Southern Spain and Ireland. It uses a combination of smaller kettlebells and martial arts exercises, set to popular music and tribal rhythms. It promotes:

  • weight loss
  • stamina, strength
  • flexibility
  • cardio health
  • general fitness

Your first class is always free. Prices vary, depending on the venue from £5 to £7 per class

This YouTube video illustrates what actually happens in a class.

Visit the KETTfusionwebsite for a full list of venues and times.

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Last updated 9 October 2019

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