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    Various locations across Stockport

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We're a co-designed boxing project aimed at helping men and women improve their physical and mental wellbeing and their long-term life chances, through the medium of non-contact boxing.

The programme allows participants to discover a fitter, healthier lifestyle whilst improving their mental and emotional wellbeing. Participants will not just learn new boxing skills but also people skills and how to work as part of a group. Engaging in a positive activity helps build self-confidence and self-esteem whilst potentially having the longer-term impact of changing attitudes, thinking and behaviours for the better.

We've secured additional funding to deliver our non-contact boxing programme and added support initiatives to residents across Stockport. We're keen to continue to engage with service providers, to enhance the valuable work being delivered to
support people with poor mental health. We believe our physical activity programmes can complement medicinal or therapy-based solutions for health and wellbeing.

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Last updated 29 October 2019

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