Dementia Disco

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What we do

Dementia disco is a new initiative for people living with dementia in the Stockport area.

The idea is to use the power of music to inspire memory, conversation and friendship. It's well established that music can have many benefits for people suffering with dementia:

  • helping to reduce anxiety and depression
  • maintaining speech and language
  • enhancing quality of life (NHS)

We were inspired by the recent television documentary Our Dementia Choir to create something similar in our community. Having close family members recently diagnosed with dementia has motivated us to bring something new to Stockport to help people make new connections. We hope it will become a regular event.

The Dementia Disco will be a place to come and enjoy your favourite music and maybe even have a dance. We'll be encouraging people to get involved with choosing the music to ensure we cover all tastes from rock n roll to disco. We want to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

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