1804 (Four Heatons) ATC Squadron

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    148 Reddish Road, South Reddish, SK5 7JG

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As a member of the Air Training Corps young people will have opportunities to experience many activities not available to their none Air Cadet friends.

They will also learn many important skills that will help them in later life. The main activities available to Air Cadets are:-

  • flying -Air Cadets will have the opportunities to fly, whether it be in a light aircraft, glider or a current RAF aircraft
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award - Those Air Cadets interested in this award will be guided through the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards
  • shooting - Air Cadets are taught the basics to target shooting, rifle safety, how to handle a rifle safely, and how to dismantle and clean the rifle
  • sport - An Air Cadet can take part in seven main sports at different levels: -athletics, cross country, football, hockey, netball, rugby, and swimming
  • first Aid - Air Cadets are trained to the St John's Ambulance First Aid Syllabus and also in Heartstart
  • fieldcraft - Air Cadets start by learning the basics of personal camouflage and how to move as an individual in the field, then go on to learn how to work together as a section in the field, before eventually commanding their own section
  • working as a team to patrol an area at night and deal with a mock ambush situation is one of the most exciting exercises you will experience
  • drill - Air Cadets participate in various forms of drill, such as: Basic Drill (both quick & slow time), Banner Drill and Foot Drill Communications

Training starts with an introduction to radio theory, the procedures to be followed and a number of practical exercises to be undertaken to ensure that the Cadets have become confident enough to be classified as Provisional Radio Operators.

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