Gritting roads and pavements

4. Routes and bins

There are over 250 grit bins in Stockport

Use the salt in the grit bins provided by us to clear snow and ice from public roads and pavements. It's illegal and irresponsible to use this salt on your private property and driveways. You can find information on the Met Office website on how to clear your path or driveway.

During periods of very bad weather we may need to prioritise treatment of the main road network.

We look after over 250 grit bins, which are to be used to clear the snow and ice from public roads and pavements.

Grit bins are in locations of high altitude, where there's more of a risk of freezing. We also provide grit bins near local shopping centres.

Our map will help you find out which roads in your area are gritted when the winter weather arrives as well as the location of grit bins.