Great Fire of London

School trips during coronavirus

We're taking bookings for school trips for the current academic year, 2021 to 2022. Capacity will remain subject to government restrictions in place at the time of the visit, currently limited to one school on site per day.

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1. Overview

This is a half day trip that can be made into a full day. Trips on a Monday are full day only and the maximum number of pupils is 60. For a full or half day trip Tuesday to Friday the maximum number of pupils is 45.

In this exciting session, pupils will 'Retell the story' of the Great Fire of London within the 17th century rooms at Staircase House.

Learning outcomes

Pupils will learn:

  • where, when and why the Great Fire broke out
  • the sequence of the main events of the fire
  • what an eye witness is, Samuel Pepys

Make a full day trip

To make a full day trip, choose two sessions from the list below:

  • Wattle and daub – pupils will learn about 17th century house construction and take a wattle and daub panel back to school
  • The Plague – pupils will learn about the Plague and make a ‘medicine or cure’ using herbs
  • Fire Mark – pupils will learn about Fire Marks and design one to take back to school

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