Get help to put your bins out

3. Ask your doctor to confirm you meet the criteria

Can't get to your doctor?

If you find it difficult to access your doctor, or get an appointment, you can contact a referring organisation who may be able to help you.

If you want your doctor to confirm that you meet the criteria for an assisted bin collection, you can complete the online form to receive temporary help for 21 days.

When you have completed the online form, we’ll send you a paper form in the post for you to take to your doctor to complete and stamp. Please be aware that some doctor’s may charge you for this service.

You must then send the completed form back to us within 21 days so we can make your collection permanent. If you do not send your completed doctor's form back within 21 days, we'll cancel your assisted collection.

If you apply on behalf of someone else, we’ll send the doctor's referral form to the person who needs the assisted collection.

Request an assisted bin collection