Freedom of Information

6. Charges for requests

Any charges for information contained within the publication scheme are detailed within the guide to information and/or the council's schedule of charges. Any other type of information will be provided electronically and free of charge where possible.

There may be circumstances where we need to charge for information. For example, this may be if it is only available in paper form and there is a large amount of copying involved.

We will inform applicants if there will be a charge for disbursements such as photocopying or postage in order to provide the information. The applicant can then decide if they want to proceed. The charges will usually be waived if they amount to less than £10.

Charges under these circumstances will be calculated at a rate of 10p per sheet of A4 for photocopying. Postage will be calculated using Royal Mail's postage rates at the time the request is dealt with.

Any other similar charges which may arise e.g. larger paper sizes will be reasonable and be calculated on the basis of the actual cost to the council of providing the information to applicants.