Fostering with us

We believe that the best place for a child to live is with their own family. Sadly, this is not always possible and children are taken into care. When this happens, the council becomes the child's Corporate Parent. This means that the council is responsible for the care and safeguarding of the child.

If children are not able to live at home or with family, the best alternative is for them to live with a foster carer or fostering family. We understand that looking after someone else’s child is a big responsibility so we need to make sure that fostering is right for you and your family. Our main aim is to make sure that children are safe.

In Stockport, we have over 200 children in foster placements at any one time. Nationally, the figure is over 60,000. Children come into care for many reasons. It can be unsettling and children will have to cope with lots of changes. Foster carers have the ability to change a child’s life by providing a stable and supportive home where children will be cared for and allowed to flourish.

By fostering with Stockport Council, you'll be providing a home for a local child. The benefits of this include:

  • shorter travelling distances between the child’s school, meetings and contact sessions
  • links with Children’s Centres, schools and other professional services
    easier access to local training courses, support groups and activities

Foster carers play a vital role in providing safe and supportive homes for children in care. Children who need to be fostered often have complex family histories and require foster carers who are highly skilled to meet their needs.

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