Food safety and standards

8. Food and drink export certification

We may be able to provide Stockport food and drink manufacturers and exporters with export certification for a range of food and drink products. The certification provides destination countries with assurance that products are being produced in compliance with relevant legislation.

The products that we can consider certifying are those that are not covered by Export Health Certificates (EHC) issued by the Animal Health and Plant Health Agency or Certificates of Free Sale issued by the Rural Payments Agency. For more information visit the Food Standards Agency website.

If you're planning to export food and drink products and the destination country requires certification, you'll need to check what the import conditions are. You'll also need to check whether a certificate meets these requirements. The exact wording of any certificate we issue will vary depending on what's required. We'll only issue certificates with wording that we can validate as being true.

This type of certificate can include a range of statements including that the premises:

  • is registered with the relevant local authority
  • is regularly inspected
  • complied with the last inspection

The export certificate does not attest or imply that any food products:

  • have been individually inspected
  • are declared as safe and fit for human consumption

The cost of an export certificate

The charges depend on officer time required to issue the export certificate. A basic certificate costs £47.30 plus VAT.

Once we know the exact details of your request we can advise as to whether we can help you and how much this service will cost. You must make the payment before the certificate is issued. We'll advise you how to make payment once we've confirmed whether we can assist you.

Requesting a certificate

Email us at to request a certificate.

It will usually take up to 10 days to issue a certificate. It will either be posted to you or you can arrange to collect it from our offices.