Flooding support for flood affected households and businesses

2. Sandbags

If you have received sandbags during the recent flooding please use the advice when disposing of them:

Unused sandbags that are not contaminated by floodwater

If you have space you are welcome to store unused sandbags in case you need them again in the future.

Alternatively, empty the sand out of the bag and put the empty sack in the household rubbish bin, or take it to a household recycling centre.

Used sandbags that are contaminated with floodwater

Handle the bags with care using gloves and take them to a household recycling centre. Do not put contaminated sand or bags in your household waste collection.

If there is a nearby skip provided by the council for flood damaged property, you may dispose of them in there.

Stockport Council's policy on sandbags is: ‘The council may use sandbags to divert water flow but it is unlikely to be able to make these available to individual property owners in the short timescales involved. Households in at risk areas are strongly advised to make their own preparations in advance to improve flood resilience.’