Financial support in a crisis

1. Support Funds

Stockport Homes customers

If you are a Stockport Home customer and need support you can, contact your Housing Office or Support Worker, or visit our website for more advice and guidance

If you're a Stockport resident, you can apply for Support Funds to:

  • help you when you're at your most vulnerable
  • provide you with a safety net in an emergency, when there's an immediate threat to your health or safety
  • support you to live independently in your own home
  • link you to other services that will help and support you
  • make sure that support is joined up
  • give more flexibility about how we meet the needs of Stockport residents

We'll assess your application and work with you to access a range of support to meet your needs. This support will often be goods and services. For example:

  • a food bank referral
  • gas and electricity top up for prepaid meters
  • help paying your Council Tax
  • payment of a shortfall in rent
  • help to apply to a charity or trust fund
  • advice on where to find items you might need for your home for example: cooker, fridge, washing machine

There are many options to help you furnish your home at a low cost such as local charity shops, social media marketplaces and freecycle websites.


Support Funds

To be eligible for Support Funds we’ll look at:

  • your household income and expenses
  • if you or your family have any special circumstances. For example; disabilities or health conditions
  • your local connection to Stockport
  • what steps you've taken to resolve the situation yourself
  • how quickly you need help

Help with your rent

To be eligible for help with rent we’ll also look at:

  • the difference between your rent and your Housing Benefit or Housing Element award

Find out more about getting support with your rent.

Help with your Council Tax

To be eligible for help with Council Tax we’ll also look at whether:

  • you've been affected by some aspect of Stockport’s Local Council Tax Support Scheme, which has reduced your award or stopped you from qualifying
  • coronavirus has affected the amount of money you have

Find out more about getting support with your Council Tax.

Apply for support