Financial support in a crisis

2. Humanitarian Aid Grant

If you've lost income as a result of coronavirus and are experiencing financial hardship, you may be eligible for a one-off payment to support your household with essential living costs while you make financial adjustments.

You may have lost income because:

  • you've been furloughed and are on reduced wages
  • you've had a reduction in your average working hours
  • you've been made redundant
  • you're self-isolating without pay from your employer
  • you're looking after a dependent child or adult with no pay from your employer
  • you're self-employed and unable to work due to local restrictions

You could receive a one-off payment of up to:

  • £350 for a household with a single person, couple, or single person and child
  • £600 for a household with 2 adults and children, or a single adult with more than one child


You can apply for this one-off payment if you live in Stockport and meet the following criteria:

  • you're employed, self-employed, or have recently been made redundant
  • you can show that you have lost income as a result of coronavirus and are experiencing financial hardship
  • you're unable to cover the basic living costs for your household from other means
  • you're prepared to take action to adjust your finances and apply for further support as advised

Apply for support

Note: this grant is funded by a one off grant from central government and will be available until the allocated funds are spent.