Financial support in a crisis

3. DEFRA Essential Living Costs Grant

If you've had increased living costs as a result of coronavirus and are struggling with essential living costs, you may be eligible for support.

The following support may be available, if eligible, once per household:

  • groceries food bank referral
  • local pantry subscription
  • supermarket food box delivered to your door
  • top up meter voucher, up to the value of £60
  • Mega Rider bus ticket (week)


You can apply for this grant if you live in Stockport and meet the following criteria:

  • not employed or self-employed
  • in receipt of a qualifying benefit
  • able to evidence increased costs due to coronavirus
  • able to evidence financial hardship
  • unable to cover the basic living costs for your household from other means
  • prepared to take action to adjust your finances and apply for further support as advised

Apply for support

This grant is funded by a one-off grant from DEFRA and will be available until the allocated funds are spent.