Hat Works Museum temporary closure

The Hat Works Museum is closed to visitors for refurbishment and reinterpretation.

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Exploring the museum

1. The hats

Leisure - Hat works collection

Hat Works has a great collection of twentieth century British hats. The collection includes:

  • top hats
  • bowler hats
  • trilbies
  • homburgs
  • 1950/60’s ladies synthetic hats
  • all kinds of hats dating from the 1930s to the 1970s

We also have spectacular examples of the very best in couture millinery on display.

About 250 of these hats can be seen in thematic displays in the museum. There is also an approximately equal but ever-growing number of hats in store, waiting to take their place on display.

We're currently concentrating on collecting hats made before 1900, hats from other countries and hats made by modern designers. This is to complement the museum's existing collection.