Executive hire

1. Taxi driver knowledge test

To become a licensed executive hire driver in Stockport you must pass our taxi driver knowledge test first. The cost is £70 per test which is payable on booking.

The test

The test is taken under exam conditions in a classroom environment in the civic complex. You'll have 1 and a half hours to complete the test.

You’ll need to score 100% to pass the safeguarding section and the mandatory section. The mandatory section covers:

You’ll need to score 80% to pass the following sections:

  • basic map reading skills
  • road signs
  • effective communication
  • arithmetic

No reference material is allowed in the test. This includes calculators and mobile phones. Anyone found using reference material will fail the exam and will not be able to re-sit the test for 3 months.

We advise you not to bring your mobile phone or device with you. If you do, you must switch it off before you enter the exam room.

Recommended reading before the test

If you need to cancel or re-arrange, email taxiadmin@stockport.gov.uk. You can do this up until 9am on the Thursday before your test to make sure you’re not charged for cancelling or re-booking.

On the day of the test

You must arrive at the Town Hall main entrance on Edward Street, Stockport, SK1 3UR no later than 8:45am. Please wait outside. You'll be met by one of our team and taken inside.

If you're late you will not be allowed in and will have to re-book and pay for another test.

You'll need to bring:

  • a recent passport sized photograph, signed and dated on the back by yourself
  • your driving licence or passport
  • pen(s)

You can also bring a bottle of water for refreshment.

You'll need to re-book and pay for another test if:

  • you do not bring the required documents with you
  • you need to leave the room for any reason before the test is finished, as your test will be void

Leaving the room

When the test is finished and you're asked to leave your seat, you must remain silent until you've left the building.

Test results

After your test has been checked, we'll email the results to you. Do not email us asking for an update as we cannot reply on an individual basis.

If you fail the test you'll need to re-book it. The test will cost £70. You cannot re-take the test for at least 4 weeks after your failed test.

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