4. Open space, sport and recreation

Stockport Playing Pitch Strategy (PPS) 2020

The PPS includes the most up-to-date information on sports pitches in Stockport and gives suggestions on how they can be improved to help reach their full potential. The following sports are covered:

  • football
  • cricket
  • rugby union
  • hockey
  • lacrosse

2 reports make up the Playing Pitch Strategy:

  1. an assessment which looks at how many pitches we have, the condition each pitch is in and gives an estimate of how many people want to use them. It also looks at the reasons why some pitches may not be used enough and gives an estimate of how many new pitches may be needed
  2. a strategy which sets out the main findings and looks to the future. It recommends what we can do to make better use of the pitches we have, or make clear where funding opportunities may be available

Note: both reports are very large and are not suitable for users of assistive technology. If you'd like a copy we can arrange to send an electronic copy to you. Email planning.policy@stockport.gov.uk

Stockport Open Space Assessment, 2017

This assessment outlines what provision exists in the area, its condition, distribution and overall quality. It considers the demand for provision based upon population distribution, planned growth and consultation findings. The Standards Paper, which will follow this assessment, will give direction on the future requirements for accessible, high quality and sustainable open space provision in Stockport.

Stockport Open Space Standards Paper, 2017

This document helps identify the deficiencies and surpluses in existing and future open space provision. In addition, it should help inform an approach to securing open space facilities through new housing development and help form the basis for negotiation with developers for contributions towards the provision of open spaces.

Community Indoor Needs Assessment, 2017

The assessment includes:

  • an audit of identified indoor sporting facilities in the local authority area
  • an analysis of supply and demand based on quantity, quality, accessibility and availability
  • consultation with key local partners and sports governing bodies

The assessment identifies sports facility needs and highlights key issues but does not recommend specific actions and priorities, as these will form part of council wide work.