Thai boxing adult classes

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  • Date and time

    Wednesday 28 February 2024 7:15pm - 8:15pm
  • Price

    First class is free, then each class is £7 for non-members and £6 for members
  • Location

    MSA Stockport Muay Thai, 1st Floor, Woodbank Works, Turncroft Lane, SK1 4AR
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    MSA Stockport Muay Thai


Our classes are open to men and women and suit all ages and abilities. Classes consist of stretching, aerobic and cardiovascular warm up, core strength development and exercises. Learning and applying Muay Thai technique, self defence and Muay Boran in a safe, controlled, structured and friendly environment.

Benefits of Muay Thai include:

  • increasing core strength
  • improving physical fitness
  • promoting exercise and wellbeing
  • increasing hand-eye coordination
  • developing mental agility
  • teaching self defence
  • boosting self confidence
  • meeting and making new friends
  • learning and developing in the world's best martial art!
  • most of all, having fun!

For more information please contact us on 07306 169019