Photography course for beginners

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    Friday 21 September 2018 18:30 - 20:30
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    EPOK Artists' Studios & Gallery, 75 Wellington Road South, Stockport, SK1 3RU
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    Teina Ryynanen Photography
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Do you have an DSLR camera and want to get out of the habit of using it in automatic setting? Do you know what depth of field is and how it affects your pictures? Would you like to get feedback on your photography skills? Want to get advice and support from an inspiring environment?

This 10 hour course will take place over 3 days:

  • Friday 21 September from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
  • Saturday 22 September from 10am to 4pm with lunch break
  • Third date - to be confirmed

The purpose of this course is to:

  • see through your camera's lens in a new and different way
  • get new ideas for more creative and better pictures
  • get an understanding about composition, framing and rule of third
  • most importantly, make photography fun for you and your course mates

The course is aimed at anyone who is interested in photography and wants to learn the basics and a bit more. All you need is a camera, or ask if one can be borrowed, and enthusiasm to learn.

On Friday we will:

  • get to know the camera
  • talk about what photography is
  • and learn about why ideas are the most important thing

On Saturday we will:

  • head out to take pictures
  • learn about the medium and equipment through different practices an exercises
  • Teina will also give feedback, listen to any questions and help you to understand photography better

On the third session we will:

  • review what the group has learned - what was easy, what was hard
  • give feedback in a friendly and supportive environment

After the course you may want to join a Photography Club (attended by people from previous courses) to further practice your skills and meet like minded and fun people.

Please note that places on the course are limited to eight.

For further information email To book your place visit Eventbrite.