Mucky monster club messy play afternoon - Hazel Grove

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    Thursday 13 September 2018 13:30 - 14:15
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    Life Leisure, Jacksons Lane, Hazel Grove, SK7 5JW
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    Mucky monster club messy play
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At Mucky monster club messy play we have classes and parties that your little one is invited to. You'll explore and will be given the freedom to experiment with child led play in a stimulating and safe environment. Squishy mess, crunchy mess, gooey mess, fluffy mess...we’ve got it all. So many of our mucky mummy’s tell us that it’s “the highlight of their week”. We really do have a good laugh.

Classes are suitable for little monsters from 6 months (sitting unaided) up to 4 years old, and up to 6 years old during the school holidays.
Bring your little ones along to our monstrously messy play club, let them get as messy as they like and leave all the cleaning up to us.

Your monsters are free to explore and experiment in up to 10 different messy stations with materials such as paint, sand, slime, gloop, foam, flour, rice, spaghetti, jelly, custard, baked beans, gravy, cereal, plus 3 craft tables. The messy possibilities and learning opportunities are endless.

Our club runs throughout the year at various locations across Stockport. We even have classes during the school holidays.

We also do weekend parties, pop up classes, gift vouchers and birthday parties too.

Visit our facebook to see what we get up to and for our full list of classes throughout Stockport.

All bookings must be made in advance through our website.

For more information you can email or call 07716 960339.