McKellens Masterclass: Pricing - the power strategies

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    Friday 10 May 2019 10:30 - 12:15
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    Cheadle Golf Club, Shiers Drive, Cheadle, SK8 1HW
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    McKellens Masterclass
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In this session, we'll pull together everything we have covered in the previous pricing sessions, together with:

  • why there is no such things as the right price and how to use testing
  • how to overcome price objections
  • the power of guarantees and why you must offer them

Benefitting from the shared experience and expertise within the group, you're guaranteed to leave the session with some definitive takeaways, actions and thoughts that you can implement straight away in your business.

Not forgetting the wonderful refreshments that are provided during the session.

If you would like to come along and learn more about McKellens Masterclasses, we offer free taster sessions.