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Hands-on 3D Printing for adults

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    Friday 23 February 2018 10:30 - 13:30
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    Stockport Central Library, Wellington Road South, Stockport
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    Stockport Central Library
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You’ll get a chance to get hands-on with 3D printing and design, including designing a 3D model, preparing a 3D file for printing, and watching a live demonstration of a 3D print being created on the Ultimaker 2+.

Plus participants will also receive a free three-month basic membership to MadFabLab, an accredited FabLab packed with 3D printers - plus laser cutters, bench tools, mini CNC machine and more - worth £90.

This course is suitable for all abilities. We welcome beginners with no previous experience of 3D printing

You will learn:

  • introduction to 3D printing technologies, and types of printers (Consumer and Pro)
  • learn more about what 3D printers are used for - both in industry and for ! fun!
  • understand different materials and their properties
  • get best practice design tips and techniques for the Ultimaker 2+
  • hands-on Introduction to 3D-modeling software with Tinkercad
  • uploading and 3D-printing your design; Introduction to Cura slicing software
  • a demonstration of a 3D print coming to life on the Ultimaker 2+
  • overview of 3D-design and modelling, including some 3D design software alternatives (both free and paid, e.g. Pro: Autodesk Fusion 360, AutoCAD / Free: Sketchup, OpenSCAD, Meshmixer)
  • next steps, and where to go for more information
  • equipment you’ll need

A few laptops will be available on the day, but we recommend you bring your own laptop if you have one (remember to fully charge it).

Following the workshop you can stay and continue your own self-directed learning on Tinkercad as the MadLab expert facilitators will be on-hand for a 90 minute drop-in 3D Print Technical Surgery. Providing advice and guidance (both general and specific), on a range of topics – from getting started, buying a first 3D printer, through to more business-facing challenges. They can offer specific guidance on part design, material choice, or finding the best suppliers for small-batch fabrication. If you would like the facilitators to look at a specific design or prototyping problem please bring it along with you.

The workshop and technical surgery are delivered on behalf of the Big Ideas Generators project by MadLab.

The workshop is followed by a technical surgery and self-directed learning available to 3:30pm