Baby Choices - Yoga for baby 5 week course

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  • Date and time

    Thursday 20 September 2018 12:15 - 13:15
  • Price

    £36 for 5 classes
  • Location

    St Paul's Church Hall, St Paul's Road, Heaton Moor, SK4 4RY
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    Baby Choices


Yoga for Baby courses combine traditional yoga techniques with rhythmic movements to encourage development of your baby’s ever-changing body - and some traditional yoga poses for parent/carer as well. £36 for 5 classes.

Yoga for Baby is a chance for your little one to explore movements and yoga positions and gentle stretches to encourage growth and mobility. Alongside yoga, our courses also include: singing, sensory activities, calm breathing techniques, relaxation and plenty of interactive fun.

Classes are suitable from around 9/10 weeks old, right up to mobile. Mum and baby should have attended their 6-8 week checks and both been given the all-clear to exercise. If there are any health issues we can adapt the yoga movements to suit; please contact 07732 438645 or email to discuss this course further.