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School trips during coronavirus

To safeguard against coronavirus, we'll be running a limited range of school trips.

From October 2020, the following school trips will be available:

All other school trips are suspended until further notice.

In order to maintain social distancing guidelines, school trips can now only accommodate up to 30 pupils per day. School groups of over 30 pupils will need to book more than one school trip.

This can be a full or half day trip and the maximum number of pupils is 84.

Join us in our ever popular ‘role play’ day set in 1941. You'll arrive as Evacuees to Stockport to be safe for the duration of WWII.

This is a historical role play day where pupils will step back in time to Wartime Britain. You'll be billeted on arrival as Evacuees. Our staff will be in role when you arrive and are expecting Evacuees from the Channel Islands, not your school. Pupils will learn 'in role' how to be 'good evacuees'.

Pupils will be given information about 'Life on the Home Front' by their interaction with many different characters. There will be hands on activities and songs to keep up their spirits.

Activities include

  • Make do and make mend
  • Air Raid Precautions
  • Air Raid Shelters unique visit
  • Salvages (if there is more than 40 pupils)

Learning outcomes

The pupils will:

  • learn about life on the Home Front in WWII
  • experience life as an evacuee
  • experience the Air Raid Shelters
  • learn a significant turning point in British history
  • learn about an aspect of history of a site dating from a period beyond 1066 that's significant in locality

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