Equality and Diversity

2. Data and information

We use a range of data and information when making decisions about how to run our services.

We continue to review data and information in line with our commitment to the Equality Act and Transparency Code of Practice.

Demographic information
We use demographic data to understand who lives within the borough.

Performance information
We use performance information to understand whether our services are meeting the needs of residents and delivering against priorities for the borough.

In line with the Equality Act we've developed equality objectives. Reporting mechanisms for these objectives is being developed and will build on previous reporting arrangements such as the Diversity in Employment and Annual Reports.

Equality Monitoring
When we carry out surveys you'll often find an ‘equality monitoring form’ at the end. It asks questions about you. For example:

  • age
  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • religion or belief
  • sexual orientation

Gathering this information allows us to see which communities or groups you might belong to. All information is confidential. We will only use it to help analyse responses to a survey. It is not your personal information that we are particularly interested in, we simply need that information to know which groups you belong to.

We look at the responses these different groups give, to see if there are common or better or worse experiences between groups. Knowing the varied experiences people tell us about will not explain why these differences occur. But it does provide a starting point for asking questions and highlighting issues.

By comparing survey feedback across groups of people, we can:

  • check if we are promoting equality, complying with equality legislation, and promote community cohesion
  • check if a service is reaching all parts of the community
  • reveal discrimination or identify policies or services that adversely affect people from different communities
  • identify the need for new or changed services & measure the effectiveness of service changes

Workforce profiling
As part of our commitment to the Equality Act and previous equality legislation we also monitor our performance in terms of the diversity of our workforce.