Equality and Diversity

1. Overview

Our statement on Equality and Diversity outlines the our commitment to Equality and Diversity by putting it at the centre of everything we do. We're committed to celebrating diversity and promoting equality:

  • as an employer of over 2900 employees
  • in the services we provide to our residents
  • in our partnerships across the Borough and throughout Greater Manchester
  • in the decisions we make

These Equality Objectives are informed and underpinned by our values: thinking Stockport, Team work, Ambition and Respect (STAR), At the heart of everything we do, they describe the way we work in Stockport Council. They influence our choices and our behaviours, they are the thread running through our actions and endeavours.

This statement on Equality and Diversity does not stand alone from other council strategies but seeks to provide a focus and overview of our commitment to equality and diversity. Reducing inequality and delivering our equality objectives can only be done effectively if it is embedded across the organisation and within partnership working.

In 2020, a range of individuals and organisations came together to develop our One Stockport Borough Plan. This ambitious plan is based on listening to local people and understanding what is important to them. The following statement from the One Stockport Borough Plan sets out a long-term equality vision:

A Fair and Inclusive Stockport - A borough for everyone – diversity and
inclusion is celebrated, and everyone has equity of opportunity

To achieve the ambitions in the plan, we are working in partnership: public sector bodies, businesses, voluntary and community organisations and local people working together as One Stockport. You can find a video about the plan and read the full plan at www.onestockport.co.uk.