Enterprise Car Club

Hire pay-as-you-go cars

Enterprise Car Club is the official car club provider in Stockport, providing sustainable and cost-effective travel for local businesses and residents. Stockport’s vehicles are part of a wider network of more than 1,500 pay-as-you-go cars and vans, accessible to members 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are parked on streets, car parks and available at Enterprise Rent-A-Car branches across the UK. Cars can be booked and unlocked via the Enterprise Car Club mobile app.

Visit the Enterprise Car Club website to find out more about the service in Stockport.

Enterprise Car Club introductory offer

Our partnership with Enterprise Car Club means that if you are a resident of Stockport, you can receive their first year’s annual standard membership for just £10, then £60 per year. As well as saving £50 on membership fees, when you join you can also get £10 free driving credit.

Claim the offer using the code STOCK10 on the Enterprise Car Club website. The offer is valid until 31 October 2023. Terms and conditions apply.

Join for £1 if you're already another car club member

If you already hold, or have held, car club membership with a different provider, you can join Enterprise Car Club for just £1 in the first year, then £60 per year. To claim the offer using the promo code COMP600 with enrolling in annual standard membership, use the Enterprise Car Club online application form.

After you've submitted your application form, email membership@enterprisecarclub.co.uk to provide proof that you are, or have been, a member of a car club. We only need to see a booking or membership confirmation email that includes your name and a recent date.

Promotional terms and conditions apply.

Open a free corporate account

You can open a free corporate account if your business is looking for cost effective and sustainable transport solutions for your employees. If you open a corporate account, each driver allocated will get free membership. Bespoke solutions can be crafted in order to best suit your employee transport needs.

Key benefits of opening a corporate account with Enterprise Car Club include:

  • free personal membership for you and your employees
  • centralised billing
  • preferential rates
  • avoid the possible liability of personal vehicles

Fill out the Enterprise Car Club business form to find out more information and open a free corporate account with Enterprise Car Club.