Support for autistic jobseekers

Below is a list of organisations that can help you if you're autistic and looking for work.

Your local Jobcentre Plus

Jobcentre plus has trained and experienced staff, including Disability Employment Advisors (DEAs) that can:

  • help you find work that's suitable for you
  • advise you on benefits
  • provide help and support if you cannot work
  • provide information on other work initiatives

To find out what's available to you, contact your local job centre.

The National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society provides a variety of work programmes, training and resources for autistic jobseekers.

You can find a guide to seeking work on the National Autistic Society website.

E-learning module

The National Autistic Society has an e-learning module to help you:

  • understand your own strengths and abilities
  • choose a role
  • create a CV and apply for work
  • prepare for interviews
  • start work and learn about reasonable adjustments

You can sign up to the e-learning module on the National Autistic Society website.

Pure Innovations

Pure Innovations aims to create equal work opportunities for people with learning disabilities, neurodiversity and mental health problems.

They can provide personalised training, with regular check-in sessions to make you feel confident every step of the way.

Pure Innovations can help you to:

  • find a job coach
  • find out more about supported internships
  • enquire about work placements and support

To find out more, visit the Pure Innovations website.

The British Association for Supported Employment (BASE)

BASE’s member organisations can give you advice, and help you through the process of looking for and gaining a job.

Visit the BASE website to search for an organisation or service close to you.

Working Well

Working Well: Work and Health Programme

Working Well's Work and Health Programme is a personalised service to support you back into employment.

Through the programme, you can get help from:

  • employment specialists
  • health professionals
  • community organisations

Visit the Working Well website to join the Work and Health Programme.

Working Well: Pioneer

Working Well: Pioneer offers personalised employment support to help you into sustainable work through upskilling and training. It also also offers continued support once you’re in work.

Visit their website to apply for support from Working Well: Pioneer.

Unlimited Potential

Unlimited Potential have produced a guide for autistic people to find meaningful employment, using your strengths and talents.

You can access a copy of the guide on the Unlimited Potential website.


The SKylight team can give you advice and guidance on getting back into work, as well as supporting you with:

  • job searching
  • gaining work experience
  • identifying an apprenticeship
  • accessing training or work placements

Visit the SKylight website to complete an employment support form.

Entitled To

Entitled To have a benefits calculatorto help you find out what you might be able to claim.