Employ someone to help you

If you need daily assistance to live independently and in a way that you choose, you could hire a personal assistant (PA).

When you employ a PA you become an employer. This can be worrying as there are lots of things you'll need to think about:

  • your legal responsibilities of employing someone
  • the associated paperwork attached to this

The Skills for Care Personal Assistant toolkit takes some of that worry away from you. It will guide you through the whole process from recruiting a PA to what you need to do when they're working for you. This includes:

  • hiring and induction
  • training
  • pay, tax and National Insurance
  • sick pay, holiday pay, maternity pay and pensions
  • health and safety
  • record keeping

You can also visit the Disabilty Rights UK website to find more information on employing a PA:

  • benefits of employing a PA
  • tasks a PA can help you with
  • searching for a PA
  • paying your PA
  • contracts of employment
  • pension
  • health and safety