Emergency planning

2. Weather preparation

The Met Office has produced useful information guides. They outline the practical steps you can take to support your local community to prepare for severe weather. For further information, visit the Met Office website.

You can also read the Heatwave Plan 2018 (PDF 866.23Kb) for information and guidance on how to prepare for hot weather.

The following leaflets have useful information on staying safe in hot weather:

Free British Red Cross app

A free British Red Cross app delivers real-time weather alerts in your area. It also provides clear and practical advice on getting ready common emergencies such as fires, storms and power cuts. You can also add the addresses of family and friends to check for weather warnings in their area.


You can find information about the council’s gritting operation by visiting our gritting web pages. Find more information about driving in winter weather conditions on the Greater Manchester Prepared website.

Power cuts

Many people don't know who to contact in the event of a power cut. Find more information about this and how to prepare by reading the power cuts - get ready for winter document.