Emergency planning

5. Flooding

Following the December 2015 floods which affected many parts of Greater Manchester released two helpful leaflets. They provide guidance on planning for flooding before it happens, what to do during a flood, and recovering and cleaning up after a flood.

You can also find some useful flooding fact sheets on the Greater Manchester Prepared website.

Our policy on sandbag is: ‘We may use sandbags to divert water flow. It is unlikely to be able to make these available to individual property owners in the short timescales involved. Households in at risk areas are strongly advised to make their own preparations in advance to improve flood resilience.’

Flood Re

Flood Re launched on 4 April 2016. It is a national scheme designed to help provide better access to affordable home insurance for those in high flood-risk areas across the UK.

It represents a long-term, sustainable approach to providing home insurance for those at flood risk. It is important that people shop around for the best insurance policy.

Information about how the scheme works for customers can be found on the Flood RE website along with a list of participating insurers.

The Environment Agency launched its annual Flood Action Campaign in February 2018. Residents can check if they are at flood risk, sign up to free flood warnings, create their own protection plan and be prepared for flooding. Find out more by viewing the Flooding Campaign Information sheet 2017