Economic Resilience Group

We understand that this is a very difficult and uncertain time for businesses. We're putting in place a number of measures to make sure that all businesses are getting the best and latest help and information as soon as possible.

An Economic Resilience Group is meeting regularly and is made up of the council and several key business sector representatives and local partners to make sure we:

  • have helpful and up-to-date information from businesses on the issues they're facing. To help respond to needs and highlight to government the real day-to-day challenges being experienced. In particular those most vulnerable. For example; the self-employed
  • have effective arrangements in place to get business support finance and advice out to businesses as quickly as possible
  • share information for businesses through one agreed communication channel in conjunction with Marketing Stockport

Helping businesses and the local economy recover

The forum has created a tool that helps businesses and the local economy recover from the considerable impact of the coronavirus pandemic. It's a free online ‘one-stop shop’ that makes sure that Stockport’s businesses have the information and guidance they need.

The SK Recovery website provides:

  • support and information:
    • furlough
    • returning to work
    • financial support
    • wellbeing
    • coronavirus updates
  • access to the thoughts and views of businesses, leaders and stakeholders.