Workforce and skills



Image by Bernard O'Sullivan

One of the UK’s leading insurance software houses, employing over 600 people at our campus in Stockport, we remain committed to supporting our local community and workforce.

Underpinning the success of Stockport’s economy is a highly skilled workforce, supporting growth in particular in knowledge intensive business sectors:

  • 3rd largest workforce within Greater Manchester, with 124,000 people employed in 13,000 businesses
  • 41.1% of Stockport’s residents qualified to NVQ level 4 or above
  • GCSE attainment consistently higher than the Greater Manchester and UK averages
  • 99,000 students across 4 local universities with 33,000 graduates per annum
  • over 35% (63,000) of the working population have professional occupations
  • 8,800 are employed in digital and creative industries and over 10,000 employed in manufacturing
  • over 26,000 are employed in business, financial and professional services in the borough