Economic information

1. Overview

The strength of Stockport's economy offers many opportunities for businesses, these pages provide more detailed information about the town's economy.

Stockport’s strength as a business location and the opportunities it offers to companies continue to be reflected through a wealth of economic indicators.

Analysis of these measures provides an insight into the strength of the local economy and shows that:

  • Stockport is able to sustain a higher than average rate of employment
  • local economic activity rates are markedly higher than both the regional and national averages and that Stockport supports high levels of employment and enterprise
  • Stockport’s knowledge driven economy combined with its high quality of life offer, has helped to attract above average numbers of managers and professionals to the borough
  • Stockport’s economy supports the third largest workforce in Greater Manchester with 121,000 people employed within the borough
  • Stockport is home to a productive workforce and is one of only four local authorities within Greater Manchester with higher productivity than the North West average – in fact, Stockport has the fourth highest level of productivity in Greater Manchester
  • Stockport currently has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Greater Manchester and is significantly lower than the regional and national rate
  • easy access to Stockport by road means that there are around 835,000 people living within a 45 minute peak hour journey distance to Stockport, with 540,000 of these being people of working age

Detailed information about Stockport's economy has been collated in the Stockport Economic Overview 2015 and the Local Economic Assessment.

Copies of these report can be downloaded below:

Alternatively you can receive a copy by emailing your request to the Growth team on